Superhero Playlist: Scarlet Witch

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It’s that time again….time for a Superhero Playlist! This week, check out the very first, long overdue female edition of this series starring Wanda Maximoff herself, Scarlet Witch! The mind tricks and telekinesis are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Scarlet Witch. She has a rugged history and so many interesting relationships to explore, so this playlist should reflect her personality in many ways. Let’s take a swing at it, shall we? Let’s see what’s on Wanda’s playlist.

You Know You Like It, DJ Snake, 2014

Here’s a new song, but a great one for Wanda, nonetheless. The lyrics, if you listen, seem to capture the world from Scarlet Witch’s perspective. She likes to play head games with people, so the lyrics, “I know you like it but it drives you insane,” seem like a great fit. Her experiences with the Avengers in the past have led to her perception as a bit of a rogue, so the line, “I’m no fool, I’m not a follower” really point to the fact that sometimes Wanda struggles with the team aspect of things.

Witchy Woman, Eagles, 1972

“Raven hair, ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips.” Wow, if there’s a song that captures Scarlet Witch right out of the gate, it’s this one. Talk about a classic rock song with a flair for the weird factor too. Scarlet Witch is often one of Marvel’s most misunderstood or confusing characters, partly due to her powers of manipulation but also due to her complicated history and background story. This song seems like a perfect fit.

Lady in Red, Chris de Burgh, 1986

You can’t deny, Scarlet Witch has a pretty iconic suit. Her red headpiece, leotard and leggings fit the classic bill, but even our sneak peeks at her portrayal in Avengers: Age of Ultron seem to capture that scarlet red look we’ve come to expect, only with a modern twist. “Lady in Red” is a great song to capture Wanda’s suit as we’ve come to know and appreciate it.

Red Eyes, Switchfoot, 2009

Part of what makes Scarlet Witch stand out from the rest of the Avengers is her inner torment and struggle with her emotions…and those glowing red eyes. In short, she’s dealing with a lot in that head of hers. Add in superpowers and difficulty controlling said powers, and this song seems to capture the angst and loneliness that Wanda must feel on a frequent basis. She’s a powerful woman with a clouded mind. It’s as if this song is about her. “With red eyes, what are you looking for?”

Hypnotize, System of a Down, 2005

Ok, so the lyrics might not be perfectly fitting for Scarlet Witch, but the title has it all. Wanda is able to project visions and hypnotize her enemies/allies with just a twitch of the brain. This song adds a bit of the creepy factor to our playlist, and touches on that brain control aspect we love so much about Scarlet Witch.

Season of the Witch, Donovan, 1966

With Age of Ultron out in theaters in Europe and overseas, and coming out here in the U.S. in the next few days, it certainly is the “Season of the Witch”. We have a great feeling you’ll be seeing more of Wanda Maximoff in the years to come, and this song choice is our ode to the Scarlet Witch’s busy season.

Double Vision, Foreigner, 1978

“Fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision,” is a great line when you think about someone under Scarlet Witch’s control. Sometimes a song has a line or two that really stand out, and this song does just that. She’s known for the ability to control people’s minds, so maybe the effects of her powers leave her victims a little…fuzzy. “Double vision always seems to get the best of me.”

Quicksilver, Pink Floyd, 1969

When dealing with psychedelic forces, you can’t be surprised that we’d throw in some Pink Floyd. However, even for Pink Floyd fan’s, this one’s a bit trippy. It’s all instrumental and has an eerie vibe to it. As you could probably tell by the title, we picked this one in honor of Wanda’s twin brother, Pietro, a.k.a. Quicksilver. This dynamic brother-sister duo has brought us so many intriguing stories throughout the years, and we just had to pay tribute to Wanda’s protective and heroic brother.

Crimson Witch, The Moving Sidewalks, 1968

“The way I feel, out of control, it just doesn’t seem real.” Sounds like the words of someone who is dealing with a lot of emotion and identity issues. Perfect for Wanda to relate to. We like to think that maybe this song helps Wanda get her head together. Sometimes, a relatable song can tell you who you really are. Plus, it’s just a great song with a lot of energy and emotion in it, so we’re sure Wanda would appreciate it.

Vision of Love, Mariah Carey, 1990

We put a lot of thought into our song choices for these playlists, going through the ideas of powers, costumes, origins, teammates, etc. We also always like to throw in a song for our heroes and their love interests. If you’re not familiar with Scarlet Witch, she has long been a love interest for the non-human, robot Avenger, The Vision. The dynamic between the two has been a notable one for many comic readers, and is often referred to as one of Marvel’s more beautiful romance stories. We thought this song would be the perfect choice for the two.

That just about does it for our Superhero Playlist: Scarlet Witch! We hope you appreciate some of these songs, and we’d love to know which songs YOU think should have made the cut. Want to see your favorite character’s playlist in future installments? Just let us know!

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