Superhero Playlist: Aquaman

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Welcome back to another addition of Superhero Playlist! This week we tackle the King of Atlantis himself, Arthur Curry, Ruler of the Seven Seas, The Marine Marvel…Aquaman! Now, we’re gonna stop all the haters right here…if you don’t think Aquaman is one of the most badass characters in comics, you need to do a little more reading. Seriously, how can you underestimate a character who can drown you, send a tidal wave straight for your house, send man-eating sharks your way, AND has super-strength? Needless to say, Aquaman sometimes gets a bad rap and that’s mostly due to fans underestimating his power. We’ll throw in some intense songs, some funny ones, and even some that you might not expect. Either way, Aquaman’s playlist is sure to be fun!

Holy Diver, Dio, 1983

“Holy Diver, you’ve been down too long in the midnight sea,” are possibly the coolest opening lyrics to any song…ever. They’re actually quite fitting for Aquaman’s playlist too. Aquaman has been known to be a bit of a recluse, but when he does make an appearance, this song should be blasting in the background. The holy diver of Atlantis is coming up for battle!

Rock Lobster, B-52s, 1979

Hopefully you’re all prepared for some cheesy beach rock. “Rock Lobster” is arguably one of the most famous sea-related songs ever made, so we had to include this one on the list. Even though he’s sometimes portrayed as a brute, we like to think Aquaman has a bit of a softer side, and can enjoy an upbeat, fun song on occasion. This one will certainly remind him of his undersea buddies, and probably make for a fun song to jam to when things are going smoothly in Atlantis.

Octopus’ Garden, The Beatles, 1969

So what if Aquaman’s favorite Beatle is Ringo? Don’t hate! This one is right up Arthur Curry’s alley. In fact, it would be quite fitting for those times when Aquaman is away from the ocean for extended periods of time. If you think of it from the perspective of a homesick King of Atlantis, it adds a different meaning to some of the lyrics. Just imagine him daydreaming and singing, “We would be warm below the storm, in our little hideaway beneath the waves.”

Surfin’ Safari, The Beach Boys, 1962

Told you there would be a fair amount of beach rock in this playlist! Seriously though, who doesn’t love a good Beach Boys song, let alone possibly their most famous track, “Surfin’ Safari”? Well, we’ll go out on a limb and say that Aquaman is a fan, and probably enjoys surfing as much as your average beach bum. Yeah, maybe he surfs on the back of a great white shark, but still…he needs a good surf song to play while he’s surfing his way to shore.

Swim Good, Frank Ocean, 2011

We had to throw in some current music. This song by Frank Ocean certainly applies to the King of Atlantis. Swim good? Well, maybe that’s an understatement, but it still fits! “I’m about to drive in the ocean. I’ma try to swim from something bigger than me. Kick off my shoes and swim good, and swim good. Take off this suit and swim good, and swim good, good.” Tell us that doesn’t seem like a great song for Aquaman to just gel out to after a hard day.

Wipeout, The Surfaris, 1963

There’s no way you listen to this song and not picture a giant wave. Well, what if that giant wave was caused by The-Dweller-in-the-Depths himself, Aquaman? Yeah, that’s right. While you might interpret this to be a happy-go-lucky surf song, we’re picturing it as Aquaman’s song that he kicks ass to. Yep, you heard that correctly. Imagine Aquaman taking on Black Manta somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, unleashing tidal waves, armies of sharks and whales, and an onslaught of punches. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Smoke on the Water, Deep Purple, 1972

As with most of our playlists, we like to include a song that our heroes can listen to while they prep for battle. “Smoke on the Water” seems like the perfect song for Aquaman to blast in the armory while he prepares to join up with the Justice League to take down Darkseid. “Smoke on the water, fire in the sky,” seem to perfectly paint a picture of a massive battle…hopefully one where The Aquatic Ace comes out on top!

Beyond the Sea, Bobby Darin, 1959

We always try to throw in a slow love song for our heroes and their special ladies. This one perfectly suits Aquaman and his love, Mera. While some of the lyrics might seem odd for Aquaman, the gist of the song is about someone who is off abroad and is waiting to see his love again. Arthur Curry is sometimes looked at as a loner, but the truth is that he has a strong lady and friends at his side, waiting for his return to Atlantis.

The Ocean, Led Zeppelin, 1973

While this song might not be directly about the actual ocean, we thought it was a great choice for A.C. to have on his playlist. The hard hitting guitar and drums, and the powerful vocals from Robert Plant are sure to get anyone pumped up. “Singing to an ocean, I can hear the ocean’s roar,” seems like a cool line for Aquaman’s playlist.

Theme from Jaws, John Williams, 1975

There’s no way you didn’t see this one coming. But how could we ignore the fact that this song is quite possibly the most fearsome song ever to be associated with the ocean? If this song is on Aquaman’s playlist, someone is about to get their ass beat…just sayin’.

Well there you have it. The seas can rock a little louder tonight with this playlist blasting out of Atlantis. Did we miss any songs? Let us know which songs should have made the cut, and if you have suggestions for future Superhero Playlists!

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