SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE Reveals New Characters and 103 Level Options

As its release date approaches, we’re finding out more and more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate—and, from the look of it, there’s a lot to look forward to.

As revealed on Wednesday morning’s Nintendo Direct presentation, one of the game’s new features is an option called Stage Morph. It enables players to select two different stages and move from one to the next mid-fight. This is made more exciting by the sheer number of stages available in Ultimate: 103, a number of which appeared in previous Smash titles. (Notably, you can take a trip to Saffron City and once again hit up Pokémon Stadium.) One new stage we’re particularly hyped for is the Super Mario Odyssey-based New Donk City, which features everyone’s favorite mayor singing everyone’s favorite earworm.

Speaking of earworms, the only thing more stacked than the stage selection is the game’s soundtrack. There are, staggeringly, over 900 songs available for your listening pleasure. A new feature allows players to simply plug their headphones in while in handheld mode, pick your own playlist, and groove the day away (which is the technical term for listening to Nintendo soundtracks).

In addition to Stage Morph, the varied selection of stages, and the exhaustive music library, there are a few new playable characters we’re itching to try out. New additions include one of Donkey Kong’s most formidable foes, King K. Rool, and Castlevania vampire hunter Simon Belmont. Simon’s descendant Richter will appear as an echo fighter, as will Dark Samus of Metroid fame.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on December 7. We’ll keep you posted on any and all Smash news until then.

What are you most pumped for with the new Smash? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Nintendo

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