SUPER SMASH BROS Adds Byleth and (Some) Fans Aren’t Happy

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster of fighters just increased again. The game’s director Masahiro Sakurai announced via broadcast on Thursday morning that Byleth will be the latest addition to the Nintendo Switch game. Byleth is a Fire Emblem character from the Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which was released in 2019. The character will be the first addition from this strategy game.

In Three Houses, Byleth was a professor at a military school who could be either male or female depending on the player’s preference. These two gender options will also be available for Smash‘s adaptation of the character, who will become available on January 28. Sakurai went into further detail about Byleth, saying that the character may have low mobility but is skilled at fighting from a distance. Byleth has the hero’s relic from Three Houses, a weapon that changes depending on the direction of attack.

The long video clip started with a reveal trailer and was followed by Mr. Sakurai breaking down Fire Emblem and Byleth’s character within Super Smash. He’s honestly entertaining to watch as he dives into the specifics of the game.

There’s no inherently bad news about bringing Byleth to Super Smash. However, a lot of fans were disappointed that yet another Fire Emblem character is being added to Smash in company with an already long list of characters from that set. And, of course, when people aren’t happy about things, there is only one real place to express their deepest disappointments – Twitter. There were more than a few tweets from frustrated fans who really want more characters from other games.

The people have spoken. That said, there was a large share of fans who either didn’t care or were actually okay with Byleth’s addition. But it seems that an overwhelming amount of people were expecting something different when they watched the live-stream. Either way, Byleth is a part of Super Smash Bros. now, and maybe the next reveal will garner a different general reaction!

Featured Image: Majora’s Puppet/YouTube

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