The SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE Introduces Your Next Plumbers

Even though we love a classic trailer, a hilarious commercial that takes an unconventional route can also get our attention. In the latest bid for you to watch the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Illumination introduces us to a very special handy duo, Mario and Luigi of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing. They are ready to service Brooklyn and Queens and promise not to drain your bank accounts. (And to make their point, they set their commercial to theme song to the 1989 Super Mario Bros. Super Show.)

These locally trusted plumbers operate on a satisfaction guarantee… Even though their reviews leave a little bit to be desired. Their mom signs off, though. You could also start a career at Super Mario Bros. Plumbing if your heart desires. Think you can make Mario and Luigi household names? It might be a challenge.

Mario Luigi are part of Super Mario Bros. Plumbing in a commercial for Super Mario Bros Movie

Basically, “If you’ve got a problem with your pipes, plumbing’s [their] game.” To find out more, you can call or text the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing direct lines. We won’t ruin the surprise at the other end, but… If your sink isn’t draining, you might want to give a different plumber a call. We have a feeling these two might have their hands full getting ready for the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Bowser won’t defeat himself, you know.

For those who don’t know, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was a live-action comedy show featuring Capt. Lou Albano as Mario and Danny Wells as Luigi getting up to sitcom shenanigans as plumbers in the “real” world. Meanwhile, throughout the episodes we’d see animated adventures of the brothers and their video game allies and villains. The show ran Monday through Friday from September to December 1989. On Fridays, the animated segment would be The Legend of Zelda. Why yes, it was dated and silly.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now in theaters.

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