This Hip-Hop Influenced Studio Ghibli Remix Album is Going to be Awesome

So the music in Studio Ghibli films is kind of the best. Revisit these beautiful hour-long mixes if you’re not convinced. The reason we bring it up is because this remix of the music from Spirited Away is a fascinating and entertaining interpretation, and it turns out that it’s just the start of an entire album in this style, which is sort of like the jazzy, lo-fi hip-hop beat tapes that populate Bandcamp ( via NPR).

The song is by Ghosting, who is really Melbourne producer Andrei Eremin, and he said the idea for the song just happened to pop in his head one day. When he realized how great the song turned out, he knew he had to create an entire album based on this idea.

“The mixtape started as a lightbulb moment to sample Spirited Away, one of my all-time favourite films,” he wrote on Bandcamp. “I took out my keyboard on a whim, cut up the intro to the film and within 4 hours I’d finished the best track I’d ever made. It was a sign. From there the decision made itself – I had to sample every other Miyazaki film.

The mixtape is called Reimagining Miyazaki, and we won’t have to wait that long to hear the rest of it, since it’s set to be released on May 12. Are you going to give this project a listen, or are you going to give it a thousand million listens? Let us know what you think about the first song in the comments below.

Featured image: Studio Ghibli

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