Lord and Miller Behind Live-Action Revenge Comedy About Stray Dogs

The Lord and Miller brand grows stronger with their every project. Any title under their banner—be they writing, directing, or producing—seems to guarantee frenetic energy and a playful relationship with the genre. As such, we’re eager to hear more about the pair’s latest venture. Per Variety, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have begun development on a comedy movie titled Strays. As seems to be their top priority of late, Lord and Miller are sticking to the producers’ chairs on this one; the script comes from Dan Perrault, who created the satirical mockumentary series American Vandal. Excitingly, Barb & Star Go to Vista del Mar director Josh Greenbaum will helm the movie.

Curiously, despite Variety’s proclamation that the film will be live-action, it centers on a group of anthropomorphized dogs. More specifically, the plot revolves around an abandoned pooch’s mission of revenge against his former, ostensibly neglectful, human owner. (The very thought of this breaks my heart already!)

An animated pug with buggy eyes and a big smile and wagging tongue sits in a car seat against a trippy background.


So just how adherent to live-action will Strays end up? Live-action like the criminally inhumane production Milo & Otis? Primarily live-action abetted by CGI and practical effects, à la Babe? Or are we using the phrase like many did with 2018’s The Lion King, which was in fact not live-action whatsoever? Only time will tell, but curiosity has awakened.

As for further details on Strays, Variety’s report calls it an “adult comedy,” which distinguishes from the pair’s recent ventures. Lord and Miller’s last few productions have included the family-centric The Mitchells vs. The Machines; the charming superhero venture Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; and the LEGO Movies, popular among kids and adults alike. However, not so long ago, the pair was dealing in R-rated live action comedy, re: their hilarious 21 Jump Street films.

We look forward to hearing more about this one. Be it animated or live-action, R-rated or family-friendly, it sounds compelling.

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