6 Big Revelations in the STRANGER THINGS: SIX Comic

Dark Horse Comics continues to explore Stranger Things’ weird world with its most recent limited comic series Stranger Things: Six. The story follows Six, a test subject at Hawkins Laboratory in 1978. Writer Jody Houser returns after the success of the first Stranger Things comic following Will’s journey in the Upside Down and delivers an intense story that answers some questions about Project MKUltra , Dr. Brenner, and the Upside Down.

The four-part miniseries released its final issue on August 28 and left plenty of room for fan interpretations, potential Stranger Things 4 storylines, and even more questions that need answers. (Warning: Mild comic spoilers ahead!) Here’s everything we learned from Stranger Things: Six:

Some subjects didn’t grow up at Hawkins Laboratory
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Dark Horse Comics

Eleven was taken as an infant and raised in Hawkins Laboratory, but that wasn’t the case for some previous subjects. Francine a.k.a. Six lived elsewhere in Illinois, was introduced to Dr. Brenner by her neighbor, and voluntarily entered the program as a teenager after her abusive parents kept using her psychic powers for their own greed.

Readers also meet Three, a mind-controlling teenager who lived a mostly normal life prior to joining the program. Their mothers may have participated in Project MKUltra like Eleven’s mom Terry Ives, which would explain how they gave birth to kids with incredible abilities. It’s also assumed that Dr. Brenner eventually went from coercing kids to join the program to outright taking them when they were young like he did with Eleven. Six’s perspective is unique because she’s older and has had a life outside of the lab, which makes her trust Brenner less and challenge him more often.

Six saw the Upside Down First
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Dark Horse Comics

Six’s ability to see the future led to several visions and dreams about the Upside Down and Demogorgon. She warned Dr. Brenner that something terrible was coming but even he didn’t seem to fully understand what was going on. This confirms that this dimension existed prior to 1978 and Six was likely the first test subject who knew anything about its existence.

Eleven was always powerful

El makes a brief appearance in the series when Six and Brenner observe one of her telekinetic tests. She’s floored by Eleven’s abilities but also rightfully suspicious about why Eleven calls him “Papa,” which further encourages her eventual rebellion. Eleven would have been around seven years old at the time and looks quite different with longer and lighter hair, which checks out based on Terry’s memory of Eleven back in Stranger Things 2.

Dr. Brenner may have a son
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Dark Horse Comics

In one panel, Three’s young face is split alongside Dr. Brenner’s face and the resemblance is uncanny. It could have simply been a cool artistic take, but what if they are related? There’s no mention of Three’s father, so Brenner could have had a relationship with Three’s mother during the early Project MKUltra years. This would be an interesting twist of events that may explain why Brenner was close to this subject’s family. And, it also makes him even more trash for sleeping with a subject.
Six used the sensory deprivation tank
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Six’s warning to Dr. Brenner about the Upside Down didn’t work on her behalf. He decided to prematurely test out the lab’s latest invention on Six, which lead to her seeing several things from the TV series, including Will’s lights, Eleven and Eight playing together, and Eggos. Brenner became angry with her over these seemingly useless visions but it marked the beginning of this phase of experimentation.

Terry Ives helped two subjects escape
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Dark Horse Comics

In Stranger Things 2, Eleven discovers that her mom stormed Hawkins Lab in an attempt to take her back. Stranger Things: Six builds on that scene and reveals that Terry was a distraction to help Three and “9.5” (Nine’s twin) escape the lab. She may not have been able to save her daughter, but she did help two kids escape Dr. Brenner’s relentless experiments. So, at least four of Dr. Brenner’s test subjects were able to escape his grasp. It’s likely that Eleven and Eight knew 9.5, so perhaps they will all come together before the series ends if a crossover is possible.

Of course, Stranger Things: Six brings up even more questions that need answers. Were Three and 9.5 ever caught? If not, then where did they go? This took place only five years prior to the show’s events, so it’s very possible that they are still out there somewhere. What happened to the other numbered subjects? El seemed to be the only one left five years later so they either escaped or died somehow. And, what happened to Six and Three’s parents? It’s not likely to get answers to those questions, but hopefully this story will lead to more comics that expand the Stranger Things universe.

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