New STRANGER THINGS 3 Details Hint at Dark Things to Come

By now, many of you out there have finished your journey into the Upside Down and completed a binge watch of Stranger Things 2. Which means, much like us, you are dying to learn any tidbits you can about the show’s third season, which will hopefully hit sometime in 2018. (It better hit in 2018 — if we have to wait till 2019 for both Stranger Things and Game of Thrones we might have a massive tantrum on our hands.)

Thankfully for all of us die-hard Stranger Things fans, a recent  Collider interview with series’ producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen shed some light on what season has in store. Needless to say, massive spoiler warning for the events of season two from here on out!

In the interview, we learned that there were multiple versions of season two epilogues that could lead into the third season, but the producers felt that the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball was really the best way to end the season. Still, the fact that they had these beats scripted means that they have a pretty good idea of what season three will entail. Nevertheless, they didn’t want to commit to too much. “Let’s not back into any promises,” said Levy. “This time the Duffer Brothers wanted to promise less (for next year), so that their freedom is more.”

But there are still many lingering questions… like what about the dead body of the Demodog that Dustin put in the refrigerator? Was that part written as a tease for season three? “That’s a complete hangover [and] we have not dealt with the repercussions of that,” admitted Levy. “Eventually someone is going to open that fridge.” And what about that little bit of energy that went into space when Will was saved? “We definitely see when Will is saved, those particles, what we call that the particles of evil, it emerged not in the Upside Down, but in our world. And that will need to be dealt with.”

After the events of this season, it’s pretty clear that Dr. Brenner, the Hawkins Lab scientists that studied (tortured) Eleven in the show’s first season,  is still alive. “Brenner is out there,” confirmed Levy, which means that Matthew Modine will likely return for a meaty role again next year, after making just a cameo appearance this season. The producers also mentioned that they are keenly aware of the fact there are other “numbers” out there besides Eleven and the newly introduced Eight, although there isn’t a catalog, or “bible” or who all of them are… at least not yet.

One last thing that Levy and Cohen guarantee is that we will leave Hawkins more in the following season. So for fans who didn’t love episode seven, which took place in Chicago, get used to more stories outside of Hawkins, Indiana. Hopefully, next season will also deal with the fact that the shadow creature/”Mindflayer” is now keenly aware of the existence of Eleven, and will seek to use her much as it used Will. Could Eleven go all Dark Phoenix on us next year? How amazing would that be?

What are you most hoping to see when we return to Hawkins next year? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

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