STRANGER THINGS 4 Announcement Hints at New Settings

Netflix has formally renewed Stranger Things for a fourth season, which is very surprising considering we thought they already had. There was a zero percent chance the streaming site’s biggest hit would not return for another year, especially after the mysterious ending to season three left us hopeful Chief Hopper is still alive in a Soviet prison. But based on the show’s new teaser announcement, Russia isn’t the only other place Stranger Things 4 could visit, and our world won’t be the only dimension either.

Deadline reports The Duffer Brothers—the creators of Stranger Things—have agreed to a massive new deal that will see the pair create new shows and films for Netflix. That includes a fourth season of their hit show, which was formally announced with a teaser video. Despite primarily being a title card promo, the teaser offers far more clues about what we can expect from the kids of Hawkins, Indiana—mainly that they might not be spending as much time in their home city this time around.

In the video, the Stranger Things 4 title card suddenly finds itself in the Upside Down before being consumed by its roots, rotting and decaying into nothing. A “Welcome to Hawkins” sign can be seen in the background, as can a clock in a nearby tree. But as the video comes to an end, Winchester Chimes can be heard, as the words “We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore” appear.

While the actual Upside Down dimension was a major part of season one, since then the show has only showed it without any human characters physically entering it (though some characters like Billy saw it in visions). There’s still so much about that dark world we don’t know, making it rife for further (and horrifying) exploration.

The Mind Flayer in Stranger Things 2Netflix

But what does that have to do with the imagery and sound of the clock? Could the series—which ended with the Byers family and Eleven moving away from Hawkins—be shifting the action to multiple spots around the globe? Is this an allusion to Big Ben in London? Or some other famous clock in the world? Or is it merely a metaphor for how much time “the American” has left in that Russian prison before he becomes a Demogorgon meal?

Wherever Stranger Things 4 brings us though, one thing is clear—you can leave Hawkins behind, but not upside down.

Featured Image: Netflix