STRANGER THINGS Hotel Suite Gives You the Hawkins Experience

In geeky pop culture terms, Stranger Things put the state of Indiana on the map. Not since Close Encounters has the state seen such eerie activity on a regular basis. But for everyone who wishes they could visit Hawkins and have the full Stranger Things experience? We hate to break it to you, but there is no Hawkins in Indiana in real life. The series actually films in Atlanta, Georgia. But one town in Indiana is making up for that. Via Collider, we’ve learned that the town of Bloomington, Indiana now has a special suite dedicated to Stranger Things at  Graduate Hotels.

The Stranger Things hotel suite in Indiana has a recreation of the Byers' living room.
Graduate Hotels

In the Stranger Things rooms, you can relax in the ’80s mid-American splendor of Joyce Byers’ house. This is the room that contained the wall that she wrote the alphabet on, allowing her to talk to her son Will when he was trapped in the Upside Down. This is perhaps the moment that made the show so iconic. There’s also the Wheeler family’s basement, including Eleven’s little secret hideaway. You can read the official description, as well as view images, below:

Stranger Things hotel room's Wheeler family basement, with Eleven's hiding area.
Graduate Hotels

Make yourself at home in Joyce Byers’ living room, complete with floral wallpaper, a pull-out sofa bed and, of course, Christmas lights. Sorry in advance—the lights seem to have a mind of their own. Next door, the Wheeler’s basement is just what you’d expect, wood-paneled walls and all. You’ll feel like part of the party with oversized walkie talkies and a collection of retro board games. If you’re up for it, start a game of Dungeons & Dragons—you can even wear Will’s purple wizard cloak to really get into character. Plus, these ‘80s inspired digs have a king bed for ultimate relaxation

Stranger Things hotel room suite version of the Wheeler family basement.
Graduate Hotels

There’s no modern TV in either room, as to not break theme. You’ll just have to bring a laptop to this hotel to stream Stranger Things or whichever ’80s movies that inspired it. Every Stranger Things Suite stay includes “The Upside Down Experience Package.” This includes a Polaroid camera to use during your trip, bikes to explore the city just like the Hawkins Junior High AV Club did, and two WonderLab Science Museum tickets. In fact, 11% of the profits from each stay go to the museum, in honor of Eleven. And speaking of Eleven, each guest gets a special Eggo snack. Just watch out for all those pesky Demogorgons.

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