Joseph Quinn and Metallica Duet in Real Life and on TikTok in Tribute to Eddie Munson

It’s fair to say many people, myself included, are not very happy with Eddie Munson’s death on Stranger Things 4. Although Stranger Things had several deaths this season, none of them hit as hard as Eddie’s for a multitude of reasons. But what we are happy to see is the character getting the love and respect he deserves from all kinds of sources. Most recently, Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie in Stranger Things, jammed with Metallica themselves at a rehearsal for their Lollapalooza music festival performance.

Joseph Quinn Meets Metallica

🤘this is for Eddie 🤘 Joe Quinn met Eddie Munson’s heroes: @metallica! Absolutely legendary!!

♬ original sound – Netflix

Joseph Quinn was adorably delighted to meet Metallica and Metallica seemed pretty thrilled to have Eddie Munson among their ranks, even commenting “Metallica is now a five-piece.” Quinn and Metallica came together for an epic jam session and played through the beginning of “Master of Puppets.” Quinn held his own very admirably, Eddie Munson would have been proud and probably jumping on the tables. If that weren’t enough, Metallica gifted Joseph Quinn with his very own Eddie Munson-style guitar. Of course, they signed it much to Quinn, and all of our, delights.

Metallica and Joseph Quinn played together in honor of Eddie Munson from Stranger Things 4, Quinn even got a guitar like Eddie
Eddie Munson guitar signed by Metallica and gifted to Joseph Quinn

Later, when Metallica played “Master of Puppets” during their actual set at Lollapalooza, they also shouted out to Eddie and Stranger Things.

Eddie Munson and Metallica TikTok Duet

Honestly, we love how much Metallica has embraced Eddie Munson and Stranger Things‘ use of their music, and we’re sure Eddie would have loved it too. All of the above comes on the heels of Metallica epically dueting Eddie on TikTok. You can take a look at this epic concert below.

The pure joy Metallica seems to have in playing this duet really speaks volumes to the number of people Stranger Things’ Eddie touched. When even Metallica has joined your D&D club, you’ve probably done something right.

According to Deadline, this Eddie Munson and Metallica team-up has broken 7.3 million views and has nearly two million likes. Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” also recently reached the number one spot on the iTunes rock charts. That’s true impact. We’re sure the Hellfire Club would have gone absolutely bananas if Metallica ever turned up to help them fight evil. Maybe if Eddie somehow returns in season five, the show can make that happen. Imagine how many Demobats that team-up could take down? Vecna wouldn’t stand a chance.

Metallica and Eddie Munson duet of Master of Puppets from Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things became an unexpected vehicle for music in season four, creating an outpouring of love for Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” And now, of course, Stranger Things has now ignited this Metallica frenzy by way of Eddie. Music often plays an important role in shows, but it’s definitely cool to see a whole new audience embracing these ’80s hits.

Eddie, this is for you.

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