The D&D Classes of STRANGER THINGS’ Main Characters

Stranger Things season four is officially over. The arrival of Volume 2 brought us tragedy, unforgivable deaths, and more secrets about the mysteries of Hawkins. But we’re here today to talk about something even more important: which Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) class would your favorite Stranger Things character be in? Since the very first episode, D&D has played a huge part in the lore and narrative of Stranger Things. From the Demogorgon to the roles each of our leads play, the tabletop role-playing game has had a massive impact. So after the events of this season we’re here to suggest some D&D classes, subclasses, and even a couple of homebrews for some of the Stranger Things kids. 

Spoiler Alert
Mike Wheeler – Paladin
A collage shows three images of Mike from Stranger Things the central one on a tarot card that says Paladin

We’re going with the show canon for this one, though we have to say Mike hasn’t been leading the kids in the for a long time. When Stranger Things first began, however, it made a lot of sense for Mike’s D&D class to be the Paladin. Whether fighting to find Will or standing by Eleven as she struggled to find her place in Hawkins, he has for a long time been pushing for truth and justice. The question going forward is whether he’ll continue to do that as life gets more complicated. 

Lucas Sinclair – Ranger: Hunter Conclave 
A collage shows three images of Lucas from Stranger Things, the central one mocked up to look like a tarot card with the words Hunter Conlave underneath

Lucas is established as the group’s Ranger early on. But his skill with different weapons like his slingshot, ax, and even hand-to-hand combat made us go more specific when it comes to his Stranger Things D&D class. Like a Hunter Conclave, Lucas is unafraid to find the best tool possible in order to protect his friends and the whole of Hawkins from the dangers of the Upside Down. He’s a skilled planner and has always been one of the most thoughtful and cautious of the group, but when it comes down to it he always fights for what’s right. 

Will Byers – Wizard
A collage of images from Stranger Things shows Will Byers with the middle image mocked up to look like a tarot card

From the very first episode of Stranger Things, Will has been established as the Party’s Wizard. It’s an interesting choice because it aligns him with Eleven, who’s the group’s Mage. It actually makes a lot of sense when we look at Will’s supernatural connection to the Upside Down. While Will has never truly been able to wield the magic that once controlled him, the end of season four hints that next season we could finally take on his true destiny as a real Wizard. We’re hoping this is the case, because his designation as a Wizard always seemed almost like a joke at Will’s expense—it’s portrayed as the nerdiest, silliest role in the show—so to see him become powerful in his own right and use his magic to save the world would be a wonderful twist.

Dustin Henderson – Artificer: Master Inventor
A collage shows Dustin from Stranger Things in three images, the middle one mocked up to look like a Tarot card that says: Artificer, Master Inventor underneath

While Dustin was originally the group’s bard, over the seasons he’s become their inventor. After attending Camp Know Where prior to season three, he began crafting multiple items. It was Cerebro that would have the most impact, though. The Ham Radio became a major plot point, as Dustin was using it when he picked up a Russian transmission from Starcourt Mall. In season four, we see that again with his use of the Lite Bright. As an Artificer, his intelligence and innovation is his power, but after this season he may take on a Paladin-style leadership role too. 

Eleven – Mage
A collage of images shows eleven from Stranger Things, the middle image mocked up to look like a tarot card

Eleven has always been designated as a generic Magic-User in the world of D&D in Stranger Things. But just as Mike suspected, we actually think she’s more of a Mage (which replaced the Magic-User term in later versions of D&D). Seeing as Eleven is a talented and powerful hero with supernatural powers that connect her to an underworld, and allow her to save or destroy the world, she’s the only pick to hold the mantle of magical Mage in the Stranger Things universe. No other D&D class would fit this Stranger Things hero.

Erica Sinclair – Rogue 
A collage of Erica from Stranger Things shows Erica in three images the middle one made to look like a tarot card with the word rogue

Lady Applejack, a level-14, chaotic good half-elf rogue, has got to be one of the coolest in-universe D&D characters ever. Erica’s passion for D&D surprises everyone and her canon choice as a rogue makes a lot of sense for her in the show too. Her resourcefulness, independence, and versatility are all tenets of a great rogue. She’s never afraid to do what needs to be done and is usually the smartest person in the room. The Party is lucky to have her and hopefully, season five will see her greatly expand her role.

Max Mayfield – Speedster
A collage of three images of Max from Stranger Things, the middle one mocked up to look like a tarot card with the word speedster on it

In Stranger Things 3, Max suggested that she be a “Zoomer” in the group’s D&D campaign. That was met with derision as it wasn’t a class. But there actually is a D&D homebrew Speedster class and Stranger Things’ Max fits it pretty well. Not only does she travel on her skateboard—as she rightfully points out—but the most memorable moment she has this season is her running from Vecna’s curse. Max is speedy, sometimes dangerously so, and she can use it to her advantage. Let’s hope she’s got quick-healing powers too.

Nancy Wheeler – Fighter
A collage of three images from Stranger Things shows Nancy, the middle image is mocked up to look like a tarot card that says Fighter

Nancy might not be at the center of the action in Hawkins but she’s always there when she’s needed. And more often than not when it comes down to the final battle, she’ll be there with a homemade weapon and a ton of righteous anger. As a journalist, her truth-telling skills almost push her into prophet territory, but ultimately Fighter feels right. She fights for herself, her friends, and for the town where she grew up no matter what the cost. We’re excited to see where that instinct takes her in season five.

Robin Buckley – Bard 
A collage of three images shows Robin from Stranger Things the middle card mocked up to look like tarot with the word Bard on it

Robin is a musician at heart. She’s always been true to herself and used her words for good. These qualities make her a great Bard. Although she didn’t get to truly shine in Stranger Things 4, we’re hoping that we get to explore more of her musical prowess and hopefully her personal life in the next season, especially after where we leave her. And who knows, maybe she’ll take after our next Bard and use her skills as a musician to save the world when season five comes calling. 

Eddie Munson – Bard
A collage of three images shows Eddie from Stranger Things the middle image is mocked up to look like a Tarot card

Sure, we have two bards in a row but both of these musical heroes deserve it. At first, we all thought Eddie was unquestionably a Ranger when it came to his Stranger Things D&D class. But in the epic and devastating final episodes, the kind-hearted outsider proved himself to be a Bard of the highest order. Eddie uses his music to save his friends, playing an outrageously awesome Metallica guitar solo in order to draw the attention of the maniacal Demobats. While we’re very much in the #JusticeForEddie camp, the moment cements him as an impactful Bard, shaping the very universe with his song. 

Steve Harrington – Babysitter 
A collage of three images shows Steve from Stranger Things

Steve is so special in Stranger Things that we had to create our own homebrew D&D class just for him: Babysitter. It’s essentially the leadership and righteousness of a Paladin with the inspirational powers of a Cleric sprinkled with that special Steve magic. His love for the kids of Hawkins makes him stand apart and has likely saved the world multiple times. The responsibilities he takes on, and respect for Nancy’s boundaries he shows this season make him a unique pseudo-parental figure in the realm of Hawkins. Now just let him have his co-parent Eddie back, please.

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