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Stouffer’s LasagnaMac Is a Comfort Food Mashup

Macaroni and cheese is a perfect food. That’s a fact, not an opinion. It’s also an undeniably versatile dish. If you can dream it, you can transform mac and cheese into almost anything you want. That’s why we’ve seen all sorts of styles over the years. Kraft has given the world both pumpkin spice and sweet candy versions of their iconic foodstuff. Cheetos makes a Flamin’ Hot version too. You can even buy savory mac and cheese candy canes. Now Stouffer’s is offering fans a chance to win an all-new culinary crossover, with a dish that combines that gooey cheesy goodness with another perfect food. Get ready for LasagnaMac, a traditional lasagna with a macaroni and cheese center.

Stouffer’s calls its LasagnaMac “a first-of-its-kind” mashup. It combines a classic lasagna, featuring layers of meat, tomato sauce, and noodles, with a middle portion consisting of cheddar mac and cheese. The product is part of the company’s Happyfull campaign. Considering we would be both happy and full if we ate either regular lasagna or normal macaroni and cheese, this combination makes a whole lot of sense.

It also makes sense because thinking about LasagnaMac has made us realize something that seems so obvious now: lasagna is just another form of macaroni and cheese. Seriously, what are the basic ingredients of lasagna? Noodles (macaroni) and ricotta (cheese). How did we never notice that before?!

Stouffer's LasagnaMac, a lasagna with a macaroni and cheese centerStouffer’s

Clearly we must try it. And we’ll get a chance to this summer when Stouffer’s will offer fans a chance to nab some with a giveaway. There are no details just yet on how you can enter and win. Stouffer’s says to look for updates at the company’s official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

How will LasagnaMac taste? Based on everything we know about both lasagna and macaroni and cheese, it should be a perfect meal.