Stevie Nicks Joins TikTok to Get in on the ‘Dreams’ Meme

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” is back on the Billboard charts thanks to a TikTok meme that gained a ton of popular this month. The original video shows a man named Nathan Apodaca skateboarding, sipping cranberry juice, and singing along to the 1977 tune—penned and sung by songstress Stevie Nicks—and generally living his best life. It’s one of the purest things to come out of TikTok, and it became so popular that it initiated a whole meme: the Dreams Challenge.

Stevie Nicks performs while dancing with a tamborine.Ralph Arvesen/WikiCommons

Now, the queen herself is getting in on the action. Stevie Nicks took to Twitter and Instagram—and TikTok, where she started a new account—to post her own take on the Dreams Challenge. In the video, which she captioned “afternoon vibe,” the Fleetwood Mac lead singer is seen lacing up a pair of roller skates while “Dreams” plays in the background on a record player. Sitting next to the record player? A bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Perfect.

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Nicks isn’t the first Fleetwood Mac member to join in the on the fun. Drummer Mick Fleetwood also posted a video of himself copying Apodaca’s moves. “Good vibes always” his caption reads.

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We’re pretty obsessed with this whole meme, and it’s so much fun to see the musicians who created the song getting in on the action. Nicks has been especially vocal about the harrowing effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on her, so to see her letting loose is a nice little treat. It’s also good news for Apodaca, who continues to make headlines—and rightfully so. Ocean Spray actually gifted him a brand new truck after the video went viral; it only happened because his car broke down in the first place, and he was having fun skateboarding on his way to work.

It’s nice to see good things come out of fun viral videos. We’re grateful to Apodaca for starting this meme, and to Stevie Nicks for keeping it going. It’s what the world needs right now.

Featured Image: Ralph Arvesen/WikiCommons

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