Enjoy STEVEN UNIVERSE: THE MOVIE Song Animatic Ahead of Vinyl Release

The series finale of Steven Universe, which aired in January after five disparately sized seasons spread across six years, gave the show a rare perfect ending: the kind that succinctly capped the story of Steven, the Crystal Gems, and the rest of their extended family and friends in Beach City, all the while stimulating our imaginations about further adventures yet to befall the lot. Apparently built to satisfy this very curiosity, Steven Universe: The Movie hits Steven (now much taller!), Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and the Earth en masse with an altogether new threat. Likewise constructed to bolster the series’ undercurrent idea that growth and self-betterment are never ending journeys, the latest enemy to face off with the Crystal Gems is tightly tethered to the source of so many of the pangs and mysteries the gang has dealt with thus far. In short, this latest predicament is, once again, related to Rose Quartz.

Steven Universe: The Movie introduces Spinel, a rogue Gem whose quest to take revenge on the Beach City-bound Gems is aided by a unique property that gives her the upper hand against her fellow alien beings. In a word, she’s rubbery. (It may not sound like much, but when everyone you’re fighting is born of rock, it kind of makes room for some unexpected martial artistry.)

Accompanying Spinel’s arrival onto the scene in Beach City are a scythe (perfect for returning Crystal Gems to their inanimate form), a giant drill (perfect for tearing into the planet Earth, destroying it entirely), and a stellar new musical number (perfect for singing along to). The above video showcases an animatic version of Spinel’s introduction in Steven Universe: The Movie, featuring her terrific twisty tendencies and her knack for planting a feisty earworm into the heads of listeners.

Steven Universe: The Movie aired originally on Sept. 2 on Cartoon Network, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out just yet, its impending DVD release will afford that opportunity. The DVD will be available for purchase on Nov. 12, and will include behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the film, and an hour-long documentary about the process.

Following on its tail will be the official vinyl release of Steven Universe: The Movie‘s official soundtrack, featuring the above ditty “Other Friends,” performed by actor and music artist Sarah Stiles, along with a slew of other original numbers. To say the least, “Other Friends” is just one of a handful of great songs on the movie and soundtrack, which features the vocal stylings of Steven Universe‘s central players, plus its gallery of renowned musical talents like Patti LuPone, Christine Ebersole, Charlene Yi, Aimee Mann, and many more.

As for Steven Universe newcomer Stiles, her vocal performance lends to the particularly zany menace of Spinel, which is likewise bolstered by the character’s “rubber hose” animation style, reminiscent of 1930s cartoons like Felix the Cat and Fleischer Studios (making for a fun and occasionally chilling juxtaposition with the more rigid design style of the other Crystal Gems). Whether she’s the best Steven Universe villain yet is your call, but she’s certainly one of the most surprising.

Featured Image: Cartoon Network

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