After dismantling an empire and saving everybody’s planet, there’s nothing quite like returning to your home world for some fun and relaxation with your friends. Trouble just has a certain way of finding some people though, especially when they have magical powers and spend all their time with the Crystal Gems. In the first trailer for Steven Universe The Movie, which debuted during a panel for the show at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, trouble has indeed found our hero.

After Steven has returned to Beach City for a little R&R and to pick up his old life, a mysterious figure arrives and threatens not only to change everything Steven holds dear, but all life on Earth.

Following the four-part season five finale “Change Your Mind,” which aired earlier in January 2019, Steven Universe The Movie finds the show’s hero back on Earth. Once Steven’s peaceful break is ruined, he is hopeful to get his “happily ever after back.” However, there is something much bigger to worry about than Steven and the Crystal Gems’ staycation. In only 41 hours, this new enemy will kill all organic life on the planet.

Directed by show creator Rebecca Sugar, the film also boasts the type of musical lineup fans of the series have come to expect. It will include music from Sugar herself, as well as from Chance the Rapper, Estelle, Gallant, Aimee Mann, Ted Leo, James Fauntleroy, and a whole lot more. The soundtrack will also get its own release, both digital and physical, on September 3.

You can listen to the first single, the album’s title track “True Kinda Love,” featuring Estelle & Zach Callison, right now though. However, you will have to wait a little bit longer to see the film. Steven Universe The Movie premieres on Cartoon Network on September 2. Try to relax and spend time with your friends in the meantime. Unless all organic life on Earth is threatened. Then you should probably do something about it.

Featured Image: Cartoon Network

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