Stephen King’s New Novel THE INSTITUTE Already Has An Upcoming TV Series

Stephen King’s pop culture reign is far from over. The prolific author is still coming up with fresh ideas in his latest horror novel The Institute.  The novel will become a Spyglass limited series even though it just hit shelves on September 10. Because – let’s be honest – does Stephen King really need to prove his brand-new book is worthy of a TV show? As Collider reports, Emmy Award-winners David E. Kelley (Goliath) and Jack Bender (Under the Dome) will direct and executive produce the upcoming show.

The Institute follows Luke Ellis, a Minneapolis kid who is kidnapped after his parents’ murders. He wakes up at a place called The Institute in a room that looks almost identical to his bedroom. He meets other kids with special powers like telekinesis and realizes they all ended up at this strange place under identical circumstances. Luke forms a friendship with Kalisha, Nick, George, Iris, and ten-year-old Avery, and begins to understand more about The Institute and its horrible purpose. Institute director Mrs. Sigsby is determined to extract their abilities and will punish anyone who resists her experiments.


And, for those who go to the Back Half, there is no return. The Institute synopsis also hints that the good guys will not prevail this time around, so it’s not looking good for this gang. This novel has the type of kid-centered story that fans are currently enjoying in the IT movie franchise and in shows like Dark, Stranger Things, and Rim of the World.

There’s no confirmation on when the series will drop nor casting decisions. It’s not clear how old Luke is, but he’s presumably a pre-teen so the actors should fall within that age group. For now, Stephen King fans can get into The Institute novel and get ready Doctor Sleep to get their fix.

Image Credit: Simon & Schuster

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