Stephen King’s IT VR Experience Invites Everyone to Float with Pennywise

Next month, Stephen King’s It is coming to theaters with a big screen adaptation of the famous horror novel. The story infamously began with the horrific fate young Georgie Denbrough as he encountered the demonic clown known as Pennywise. Poor Georgie just couldn’t protect himself as he was dragged into the sewers below Derry, Maine. ( We went there with Mr. King…it was weird.) But what if we could follow IT to its home beneath the city? Thanks to VR, now we can.Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema have released It: Float VR, a new online “cinematic experience” created by SunnyBoy Entertainment that lets fans virtually walk the streets of Derry. More chillingly, fans will also head down to the sewers where plenty of red balloons are floating…and that’s not the only thing waiting for them!

To start, the VR experience actually places the viewer in Georgie’s POV as his beloved paper boat disappears down a storm drain. That’s where “Pennywise the Dancing Clown” introduces himself in the creepiest way. Then, the video makes its way into Pennywise’s inner lair, and somehow, he gets behind you.Perhaps the cruelest part of the experience is when Pennywise unveils visions of Georgie and offers up a brief hope that he could still be alive. But in the end, there’s only one fate for anyone who dares to confront Pennywise. And his words turn out to be true: “we all float down here.” Just don’t ask what happens when the final balloons pop!It will open in theaters on Friday, September 8. For more from the It crowd, check out 4 things to know before you watch, the revelation that Tilda Swinton was almost Pennywise, and take a tour of Maine with Mr. King himself.What did you think about It: Float? Share your screams of terror in the comment section below!

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

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