Staying In The TARDIS Is Packed With DOCTOR WHO Fun

If Doctor Who fans could be anywhere right now, they would choose TARDIS. It’s obviously a glorious spaceship that travels in time, but the TARDIS also has a library, pool, a room full of costumes, and much more. Unfortunately, The Doctor can’t take all of us in during quarantine but Doctor Who’s new website Staying In The TARDIS will give you plenty of fun things to do at home.

Staying In The TARDIS will feature a weekly challenge for Whovians to complete and post on Twitter and Instagram. This week’s challenge is to create your own Doctor costume using clothes that you have in your closet. So get ready to whip out your best coats, hats, trousers, boots, and maybe a sweet pair of suspenders for a cosplay-worthy look! When your costume is picture perfect, take an action shot and tag it with #StayingInTheTARDIS. BBC will share some of their favorite looks and perhaps your Doctor outfit will inspire a future TV look.

Thirteenth Doctor walks through forest

Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America

There is also a promotional code for the Thirteenth Doctor’s first Titan Comics issue. You can redeem the code via comiXology or Amazon and download her print adventure for free. It’s the perfect time to get into some new (to you) reading material and explore the Whoniverse until the show returns. Staying In The TARDIS has a few activities for Doctor Who fans of all ages, including a Dalek cupcake recipe, coloring pages, quizzes, fun videos, and word searches.

Get a shift on and let Doctor Who make your quarantine life almost as fun as running from aliens.

Header Image: Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America

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