See the Statue of Liberty Get Struck by Lightning (She’s OK)

The latter half of July has treated New York City to a pretty remarkable heatwave. And if you have never spent a summer season in the Big Apple (or have never even watched Do the Right Thing or pretty much any movie directed by Sidney Lumet), then you might not appreciate just how uncomfortable and disgusting such a phenomenon can become. So for my money, any break in the heat is welcome, including the occasional downpour. And such is doubly so if it comes with a fancy light show, like the one that made a main stage of Liberty Island on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, on June 22, Staten Island’s own Mikey Cee—or so dubbed on their still-free-for-the-time-being social media platform of choice—captured a video of an old horror movie-caliber lightning bolt striking down from the heavens (or at least way uptown) upon the base of New York’s most recognizable landmark, the State of Liberty:

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…putting the so-called Mikey Cee up there with their home island’s greatest creative ambassadors, the likes of which include Robert Loggia, the Wu-Tang Clan, and certain members of the Sheen/Estevez family.

Unfortunately for us many residents of the city, the would-be storm documented in the above footage did little to break the heatwave ensnaring New York, which, as of this writing, is ongoing with no deficit of verve. But as Friday morning gives way to rainy skies over the five boroughs, we can hope that we’ll soon have some relief from the stifling heat and humidity. (As the heat persists, please stay hydrated as best you can!)

In the meantime, another light show would be nice. Maybe one we can see out in Brooklyn this time? Or an ominous strike of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park for some unsubtle metaphorical imagery?

Featured Image: Columbia Pictures

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