Work It with New STAR WARS Work Clothes from Her Universe and ThinkGeek

Her Universe and ThinkGeek joined forces last November to release a Star Trek collection fit for wearing at the office, and now they’ve turned their attention to Star Wars. Praise Greedo. They’ve scoured the galaxy far, far away to find patterns and symbols suited for corporate attire. Some designs are a little more obvious–a tank and dress covered in a repeating R2-D2 pattern, for example–but others are of the barely there fandom variety.Take the below sleeveless tunic. At a glance, it looks like a black top with white polka dots and red accents. That’s suitable for any office I’ve worked in. But, those dots are actually the Imperial and Rebel Alliance logos. You could pair this top with dressy leggings or a skirt.Other tops in the Star Wars work line include one with an R2-D2 print and a long-sleeved sheer blouse with ship designs. You can accessorize with a rebellious infinity scarf or Darth Vader leggings and dress up any top with a blazer that has subtle symbols to matching the sleeveless tunic.You can hit the gallery below to view the rest of the collection and close-ups of the prints on the tunic and the scarf. If and when you’re ready to expand your work wardrobe with some galactic upgrades, visit ThinkGeek and get to shopping.Which of these items will fit the dress code at your office? Fly to the comments and let me know what you’re planning to buy and/or ask your boss about.

Images: ThinkGeek, Her Universe

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