Relive the Best Porg Moments from THE LAST JEDI

Warning: Mild spoilers for The Last Jedi ahead. Read on at your own risk! 

The Last Jedi‘s opening week is officially behind us.While there are many things we might argue about in regards to The Last Jedi, there’s one thing we can all agree on: the porgs were a damn delight. Okay, maybe we don’t all agree on this… but at least most of us here at Nerdist do. While the trailer may have caused some to fear that the film would overuse the  porgs to force the cuteness factor, the little fuzzballs ended up being mostly background characters to add moments of occasional comic relief. It was perfect!

So perfect, in fact, were the porgs that we’re inclined to take this time to break down some of the best porg moments from The Last Jedi. Join us!

The Porg-Scream Heard ‘Round the World

Via Giphy

The above was the first glimpse we got of the porg community in any The Last Jedi trailers, and it was enough to endear us to the little guys. Depending on how you view porgs, this little shriek could be seen as a scream of terror or one of determination as it rode the Millennium Falcon out to battle.

Rian Johnson has said that a group of porgs is called a murder, so with a metal name like that, maybe this war cray is an example of unbridled porg ferocity. Regardless of what it the porg is actually trying to convey, this wee caw will forever have a place in porg-lovers’ hearts.

The Porgs Move in

When Rey and Chewie park the Millennium Falcon on Ahch-To, it doesn’t take the porgs long to sneak inside and get comfy. Bunches of porgs end up moving into the Falcon, building nests where they don’t belong, and generally driving Chewie crazy. While I’m sure Han would have been just as annoyed as Chewie was about a porg nest in his beloved ship, we couldn’t help but love it.

Porgs in Space!

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While most of the porgs ultimately moved out of the Millennium Falcon, one brave little guy stuck around for the long haul. And despite his valiant scream that won all of our hearts, he didn’t necessarily keep his seas legs (or space legs) once the ship blasted off into battle. Much like BB-8 struggled to stay upright in the Falcon in The Force Awakens, this little porg clearly forgot to fasten his seat belt as Chewie zipped through the caverns of Crait.

Porgs for Dinner

While waiting for Rey and Luke on Ahch-To, Chewie got a bit peckish, and managed to make himself up a meal of one unfortunate roasted porg. Of course, as the film shows, Luke’s island is full of porgs, so our favorite Wookiee wasn’t able to eat his meal in peace. Instead, he found himself surrounded by a small crowd of porgs, looking in horror at the monster about to consume their fallen brethren. Though Chewie ended up scaring all of the porgs off, he ultimately felt too guilty to eat one of those big-eyed goofballs. Good choice, Chewie.

Chewie and Porgs: Friends…Besties, Actually

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Okay, so maybe Chewie would beg to differ, but one of the best things about porgs in the film was watching them interact with the Wookiee, who was transformed from a giant, growling predator to begrudging co-pilot and friend of the porgs. Watching Chewbacca act like a big grump around those adorable critters was nothing short of magical. Even though he wasn’t exactly enamored with the little guys, it was clear that he ended up on Team Porg. Here’s hoping we get a buddy-cop spin-off focusing on the exploits of Chewie and his new Porg Pal.

What did you think of the porgs? Did you have a favorite porg moment? Tell us in the comments!

Feature Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

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