Astronauts Will Get to Watch THE LAST JEDI—in Space!

The Last Jedi officially hits theaters on December 15th and while most of us are putting the final touches on our premiere plans, it looks like the astronauts aboard the International Space Station have viewing plans that blow any of ours out of the water. While it’s not quite a galaxy far, far away, NASA has confirmed that astronauts on the International Space Station will indeed get to watch The Last Jedi while onboard the ISS.

As Inverse reports, there isn’t a specific timeline for getting the film onto the ISS just yet, but the astronauts will definitely not have to wait until they return to earth to watch the film. NASA Public Affairs Officer Dan Huot also explained to Inverse that the astronauts typically get digital files for films, and are able to play the movie back on laptops or via onboard projectors. So basically, they get to watch a movie about space while they are in space. That definitely makes my plans of seeing The Last Jedi in a theater with reclining chairs seem a lot less exciting…

Of course, this isn’t the first time astronauts have gotten to watch movies in space. The International Space Station actually has a pretty extensive movie library, and a pretty impressive set up for a space station. Astronaut Scott Kelly gave us all a glimpse into their projector in 2015.

The ISS library is full of great titles, including an almost surprising amount of disasters-in-space films like Gravity and Alien.  Of course, the ISS movie library isn’t only space-themed with films like Anchorman, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and shows like Better Call Saul and Modern Family rounding out the list. After all, if you’re stuck in a space station for huge chunks of time, you’ve got to have some solid in-flight entertainment to help pass any free time you have.

We’re excited that the International Space Station gang gets to enjoy The Last Jedi like the rest of us, although we’ve got to admit that there is something extra badass about watching the movie while being in space yourself. We can’t wait to hear what they thought of the film!

If you were on the International Space Station, what one movie would you want to be sure to bring along? Tell us in the comments!

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