STAR WARS Creators Reveal Next Wave of THE HIGH REPUBLIC

The High Republic is the newest era in Star Wars. The first book set in this time period, Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule, arrived in early 2020. It kicked off a wave of books and comics from Soule, Daniel José Older, Justina Ireland, Claudia Gray, and Cavan Scott. That group is the architects of The High Republic. And though they just launched the second wave of stories, the group of authors brought news about wave three to San Diego Comic-Con. Star Wars: The High Republic Show host Krystina Arielle moderated the conversation full of announcements about the next batch of titles in this wave.

Star Wars: The High Republic wave three titles coming in January 2022


So let’s get into it. Wave three will arrive in January 2022. And we’re a little worried. This tag comes with the announcement slate: “The Light of the Jedi goes dark…” It’s a little too ominous, thank you very much. Then again The High Republic era storytelling did kick off with an event called the Great Disaster. Its had consequences across the galaxy and reached across the many Star Wars stories set in this timeline. And recently, in wave two, the Nihil have returned and are causing so much trouble—including launching an attack on The Republic Fair.

A poster inviting citizens to The Republic Fair


So what’s next? Let’s run it down. The third adult novel in The High Republic comes to us from Claudia Gray. It’s called The Fallen Star. The young adult novel in this wave, Midnight Horizon, will be written by Daniel José Older. Then we have another middle grade novel, which Justina Ireland will write. That one’s Mission to Disaster. Finally, Charles Soule will tackle some comics. Specifically he’s writing two 30 page issues called The Eye of the Storm that tell the backstory of Marchion Ro, a Nihil leader.

As has been in the case with prior waves of The High Republic, the stories span across publishers including Del Rey, Marvel Comics, and Disney Lucasfilm Press. We are so excited and so scared.

Featured Image: Del Rey

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