EA Play Live, a virtual E3-style showcase from Electronic Arts, kicked off Thursday afternoon at 4:00p.m. Pacific. The video game publisher brought along something every Star Wars fan will want to see: the first gameplay footage from the recently announced Star Wars: Squadrons.

In the gameplay trailer, we learn that you’ll start out Squadrons in the single-player game, learning the ropes and mastering eight different ship types (fighters, interceptors, support ships, and so on). The story mode alternates perspective between the Rebel Alliance (or New Republic in this era) and the Empire with a pair of playable pilot characters. Eagle-eyed fans have already noticed appearances by Hera Syndulla, Wedge Antilles, and the fan-favorite Imperial Rae Sloane, first introduced in John Jackson Miller’s novel, A New Dawn.

After you beat the campaign, you’ll get access to five-on-five online multiplayer gaming. Squadrons will “fully support cross-play,” meaning you can play with friends on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and even VR. There’s a straightforward Dogfight mode as well as Fleet Battles, a multi-stage “signature mode” for the game. You’ll also be able to customize your pilot’s appearance, starfighter exterior, and make a few special modifications with “over 50 components” for your ship’s loadout.

Squadrons is “a first-person, team-based starfighter combat game set a few years after [Return of the Jedi], simulating the iconic space battles from Star Wars like never before,” EA says in a new blog post. “In the wake of the destruction of the Empire’s second Death Star, the Rebel Alliance has reformed into the New Republic. Despite their climactic victory over the forest moon of Endor, though, the war is not over.”

EA Motive has confirmed six of the game’s stunning locations: Yavin Prime, Esseles, Nadiri Dockyards, Sissubo, Galitan, and the Zavian Abyss.

Star Wars: Squadrons


Star Wars: Squadrons launches October 2, 2020, on Origin, PS5, Xbox One, and Steam. It’ll have full virtual-reality support on both PC and PlayStation, and will also allow for cross-platform multiplayer between platforms.

Featured Image: EA

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