Watch Us Unbox STAR WARS’ Skywalker Saga Set

It took Lucasfilm over 40 years and nine movies to tell the entire Skywalker Family Saga. But it took us less than four minutes to unbox Disney’s massive new set featuring the entire epic tale from the galaxy far, far away. It’s something fans have been waiting for since the sequel trilogy was first announced. Does it live up to expectations? Is it a must have for Star Wars lovers? And how will it look on your shelf? Join our Dan Casey as we go into hyperdrive to explore the comprehensive new collection.

The black box set, adorned with an ominous high-def image of the Death Star, opens like sliding doors to unveil a giant booklet embossed with Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. It holds 27 (27!) discs. All nine movies comes in 4K and UltraHD. Each film also comes with a bonus disc with over an hour of bonus material for that Episode. And every page also features stunning art representing famous and meaningful moments from each movie.

The nine-film collection is then followed by enough bonus material, 26 hours, to hold fans over until Lucasfilm decides to make episodes 10, 11, and 12 in 20 years. (We’re kidding, we’re kidding. It will probably be more like 15 years.) That portion of the set includes beautiful behind-the-scenes images. Those pictures, as only Dan could describe it, show how the “proverbial space sausage was made.”

Join Us as we Unbox STAR WARS' Skywalker Saga Set_1Lucasfilm

The collection also comes with a personalized letter from Mark Hamill. We’re not totally sure Dan’s right that Mark Hamill typed up each one individually on a mini typewriter. But we’re not totally sure he’s wrong either. Either way, this beautiful box set will obviously make for a gorgeous collectible in any Star Wars fans’ home.

You can get yours when it comes to stores on March 31. If you want Dan to come by and open it up for yours you’ll have to wait longer. And let us know if you like these unboxing videos in the comments below!

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