The Best GIFs from the Teaser for STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

After months of waiting and much speculation, the first Star Wars: Episode IX trailer has arrived, and it is magical. We’ve done the hard but important work of making  gifs of some of the absolute best moments for your perusing pleasure.

THAT TITLE THOUGH! What does it mean? Will Skywalker become a new term for Jedi? Is it about Ben? We need to know!


Seeing Lando return to his ship after all these years is one of the most goosebump inducing moments we’ve seen yet.

Kylo is still not wearing his helmet, though he is apparently taking down hooded assailants with a whole lot of emo style.

Rewind… look at that form!

This is honestly one of the coolest moments that has ever occurred in any Star Wars movie.

“Every generation has its legend” Daisy Ridley is ours! We will protect her with our lives, lightsabers, and anything else.

Check out the full trailer here and keep yourself open to the Force… Always.

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