Beloved STAR WARS Podracing Game Coming to Nintendo Switch

Get ready to podrace without digging out your Nintendo 64. In a Nintendo Direct Mini on Thursday, Nintendo announced they’re bringing Star Wars Episode I: Racer to the Nintendo Switch (via Polygon). Fans adore the 1999 game that allows them to sit in a podracer and compete against different competitors on various tracks. Don’t worry: you’re not limited to replaying the Boonta Eve Classic over and over again. Additionally, Nintendo Switch has added Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Anakin exclaims over podracing


Both titles have been available on Steam, a video game digital distribution service, and on PC but this move brings them to a popular console. Racer debuted in 1999, the same year as The Phantom Menace, on multiple video game platforms. Fans and critics alike responded favorably to it. The podracing game holds the Guinness record as the best-selling sci-fi racing game. So wizard, right?

Players can choose between three single player game modes: tournament mode, free race mode, or time attack mode. So basically, you can choose how stressed you’d like to be. Okay, stress is an overexaggeration, but Racer is an exciting game. You have to race, obviously, but you also have to closely monitor the temperature of your podracer and dodge collisions. And while little Anakin Skywalker had the Force, you do not. You’ll need to pay careful attention to, you know, not explode. If you don’t wreck, maybe you’ll even win the day.

Anakin says his podracer is working


If you can tear yourself away from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can jump into the galaxy far, far away now. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is in the Nintendo Switch eShop today, March 26, while Star Wars Episode I: Racer is “coming soon.”

Featured Image: LucasArts/Nintendo

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