Could Kylo Ren Really Be Rey’s Brother?

Now that we’ve been treated to the brand new Star Wars trailer, it’s reignited one of our favorite personal fan theories about just how closely Rey and Kylo’s fates are intertwined. The newest glimpse at Rian Johnson‘s Episode VIII focuses heavily on the two sides of the Force and their human reflections in Rey and Kylo. It’s very clear that the relationship between the two will be key in the new film, but do they have a shocking history that might just be revealed very, very soon? Could it be that in the grand Star Wars tradition Ben and Rey are actually related?? Maybe even… siblings??? *Shocked face emoji*

To really get into this wild theory we need to go back to The Force Awakens and look at what we know about Kylo and his parents, Han and Leia. We know for certain that he’s their son, and that when he was a child they sent him away to be taught by Luke, who was also training an entirely new generation of Jedi. Whilst there, Kylo betrayed the newly re-established Jedi Order in an act so horrifying that it led to Luke living in exile until Rey found him at the end of The Force Awakens. What if Kylo’s followed the lead of his grandfather, killing the younglings–along with his Knights of Ren–that Luke was training. Younglings including his sister… Rey… Solo?

Han and Leia were clearly torn apart by Ben’s venture to the dark side, so much so that it tore them apart. Could that be because they didn’t just lose their son but also a daughter they’re too devastated to even mention? Stay with us here because we do actually have stuff to back us up! Let’s talk about the Force flashback that Rey had when she held Luke’s lightsaber for the first time in Maz’s cantina. Rey was thrown backwards into a hallucinatory ride through what appeared to be her own memories, one of which is particularly significant when we look at the likelihood that Rey and Kylo might actually be brother and sister.

During Rey’s Force flashback we also see her kneeling before Kylo as he slices down someone in front of her. The moment seems instantly terrifying and threatening, but what if instead of Rey being next to die Kylo was actually protecting his little sister, the Force sensitive sibling that he couldn’t quite bring himself to kill? This would also explain why Rey saw Luke in her mind and then immediately remembered being left on Jakku. Could it be that it was actually Kylo who left her there? Letting Snoke, the Knights of Ren, and his own parents think she was dead?

This could explain why Kylo was so terrified of “the girl” when he first heard that Rey helped Finn and BB-8 escape from Jakku, and yet also so quick to offer to train her and bring her to the dark side as his apprentice. Did Kylo know that this young powerful woman was actually the sister he’d left behind at the distant trading post so many years ago? If this were the case it could also explain Han and Rey’s immediate connection. Was he looking for a surrogate daughter to replace the one he lost so many years ago?

If our wild theory is true, it could really lean into the idea hinted at in the trailer that Kylo and Rey might actually team up. Maybe Rey will be the key to Kylo’s redemption? Or maybe the two of them will join forces to truly balance the Force once and for all? Too wild? Have we been going too hard on Aunt Beru’s blue milk? Or maybe you had this sneaking suspicion all along? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Disney, Lucasfilm

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