New STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER Trailer Teases “Cal’s Mission”

It’s just over a month until Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order hits consoles everywhere, and to get us ready for the arrival of Cal and his army of good Empire-fighting buds, EA has released a new trailer that centers on the new hero and his mission.

“In the Galactic Empire, the Inquisitorius has only one mission: seek out and destroy all remnants of the Jedi Order. Learn more about what Cal Kestis is searching the galaxy for and why the Empire will stop at nothing to bring him down.” As EA teases with that official description, the new trailer showcases how the young padawan Cal Kestis gets caught up with the (apparent) rebel factions as he tries to escape the Imperial Forces and the might of the nefarious Order of Inquisitors.

This teaser also confirms that Cal is on the hunt for “something very precious to the Empire,” leaning into the importance of Force Relics and treasure hunting in the new Star Wars canon. Though we don’t know exactly what he’s searching for, we do know that he manages to find allies in his new friends who share “a common goal and a common enemy.” We also get a whole bunch of action as we see Cal take on huge space monsters, Stormtroopers, and even the Inquisitors themselves.

The official website gives more of an insight into the natures of the game through mini descriptions of the story, skills, and Force Powers that you’ll have to master:

“As one of the last Jedi, you must do whatever it takes to survive. Complete your training before the Inquisitors discover your plan to rebuild the Jedi Order… Aided by a former Jedi Knight, a prickly pilot, and a fearless droid companion, you must escape the sinister machinations of the Imperial forces in this story-driven adventure… Hone lightsaber combat forms to refine striking, blocking, and dodging your enemies. Use your Jedi weapon and the Force to take on any challenge… Explore ancient forests, windswept cliffs, and haunted jungles as you decide when and where you want to go next…Use the Force to augment the way you explore, allowing you to traverse new paths and discover parts of locations you’ve been to before. Move quickly, though. The Empire is on your trail and won’t stop until every Jedi is exterminated.”

New STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER Trailer Teases “Cal’s Mission”_2

EA Games

If you want to check out more about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, check out our coverage other coverage like this video from E3 which showcased a whole bunch of stunning gameplay footage and this Nerdist News theory about what other games might have inspired the new action-adventure romp. With the game hitting shelves on November 15th we’ll be getting our hands on that lightsaber sooner rather than later and we cannot wait to start chopping space nazis in half with our laser swords.

Featured Image: EA Games

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