An Artist Turns a STAR WARS Homage Into Insect Camouflage

Star Wars has more than its fair share of incredible creatures, so it’s no surprise that the timeless films would inspire a talented artist to create fantastic creatures of his own. And these ones’ll creep up on you. Richard Wilkinson, an artist based in the U.K., is working on an illustration project to turn our favorite characters, ships, and creatures from a galaxy far, far away into a stunning collection of insects. Each beetle and bug from the series not only uses Star Wars as an inspiration for colorful camouflage—although some are more obvious than others—but also comes complete with genus, family, and species names to complete the imaginary insect.

Some images are instantly recognizable.

Others may take a moment to see the Star Wars connection, but once you see it, you won’t miss it again. (Check the hashtags if you’re truly stumped.)

The Star Wars insects are part of an art book with the working title Arthropoda Iconicus Volume I: Insects From A Far Away Galaxy, which the artist plans to release later this summer. “[The book] is a collection of insects that bear a subtle yet uncanny resemblance to characters and vehicles from the world’s favourite space opera,” wrote Wilkinson on his website.

He plans to expand the pop culture project to other familiar properties from video games and comics, so if you’re an instant fan, be sure to follow Arthropoda Iconicus on Instagram. You can also pick up the first ten prints from the Star Wars art series now on Wilkinson’s website for a truly unique art gallery that will stop your guests in their tracks. And possibly give them the heebie-jeebies.

Which pop-culture inspired insects would you love to see? Tell us in the comments.

Featured Image: Disney / Lucasfilm

All Other Images: Richard Wilkinson / Arthropoda Iconicus

Are we buggin’ ya?

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