Hilarious Mashup Video Sees the Ewoks Take on the Predator

Even almost forty years after Return of the Jedi, people still like to poke fun at the Ewoks. They still get the disrespect of getting called “space teddy bears.” And that’s just really not fair, because without them, the Rebels don’t beat the Empire. It’s that simple. Now, YouTuber Matthew Highton is showing how the same denizens of the forest moon of Endor could follow up their Imperial takedown by taking on the Predator. You can check out the battle royale of the fuzzy folks from the forest moon of Endor vs. the intergalactic big game hunter right here in this excellent video.

Highton very cleverly edited this video mashup, and it even contains Alan Silvestri’s retro score from the original 1987 movie. Another nice touch is the use of the original John Williams end celebration music from Return of the Jedi, a.k.a. the “ Yub Nub” song. We’ve never gotten over that one getting Special Edition-ed away. Who are just “a bunch of Care Bears with spears” now?? After this victory, we think the Ewok village is ready to take on Godzilla. That feels like the natural next step.

Ewoks battle the Predator on the moon of Endor.
Matthew Highton

Honestly, the poor Predator never had a chance. Sure, he might have fought the xenomorph from Aliens and won. And also Batman, Superman, the entire Justice League, and even the Archie gang from Riverdale. (Yes really. All of those crossovers actually happened). But none of those characters qualify as a literal army. The Ewoks have quite the military operation. And here’s one more cool thing about the Ewoks: Long before Boba Fett and Obi-Wan, they were among the very first to get their own Star Wars TV spinoff. And then two movies. Now that they’ve beat the Predator, it’s time to give those furballs some proper respect.

For more hilarious videos from Matthew Highton, be sure to head on over to his YouTube channel.

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