Hear the STAR WARS Cantina Song and Imperial March Played with Only Pencil and Paper

We are here for any and all versions of the Star Wars Cantina Song from A New Hope. We loved hearing it on a barrel organ, we adored this old-timey piano duet by a father and son, and as much as we were bummed out by its “real lyrics” we couldn’t get enough of this parody. But this latest version might not only be the most unlikely take on the track we’ve ever heard, it might be the most impressive, because we never would have imagined someone “playing” the song by writing with a pencil. [mpx_video type=”alpha” guid=”d7kZ_g93AObhxwYlo7s2W5qJ0wENiYrU”] Twitter user d4niphantom via ( Reddit user smallgoblin) said this was an accidental discovery, when a simple “x+4” equation from her math homework reminded her so much of the opening notes of the Cantina theme she had to abandon his actual work to figure out the equation for the rest of the song. And as she said, once you hear it you cant un-hear it.

After the above went viral, d4niphantom returned with a similar performance of the Imperial March:

If you aren’t picking up on the tunes immediately, listen to the actual songs from the movie and then go back to the pencil versions. It’s unmistakable.

Amazing, right? Even better it inspired fellow Reddit user ToothpasteRipper to work out the “equation” for “Duel of the Fates.”

Duel of The Fates. Took a while but I’m glad I got it finally from pencilmusic

Great Star Wars covers done in pencil? We wish C-3PO would calculate the odds for that.

Can you hear the songs in pencil? What other Star Wars song do you hope someone works out next? Write out your best ideas in the comments below.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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