This Father and Son Cantina Band Duet Is Out of This World

Get it!? Out of this world!? Because, you know, it’s from Star Wars! Out of this world! Hoo boy. Fun jokes are fun. Well move over, Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, because your iconic Mos Eisley cantina number that took your seven members to do has now been mastered by this father and son duo on one piano. That’s five fewer paychecks to dish out, four if you want to point out that Lirin Car’n sat that song out. That last part is a something I researched and now will never forget. [Editor’s Note: Whoa…now THAT’s nerdy.]

The scene and song are probably two of the more recognizable in movie history and the amount of its frequent imitations might only be rivaled by its number of  parodies. Pianist Brian Lockhard and his son play the John Williams composition with a casual ease that tells you that their home is probably filled with great music at all times. Lockhard, who once appeared on America’s Got Talent, has a YouTube channel where he displays his piano prowess in a number of videos while the Modal Nodes are, and frankly always have been, one hit wonders. I suppose by the time Episode IV came along, their fame was on the decline. No self respecting band would really WANT to play Mos Eisley, right? Plus, name one other song by them without Google. You can’t.

Family Guy may have said it best:

And yet, they’re still our favorite Alien/living light bulb hybrid musicians this side of a galaxy far far away! What’s your favorite Cantina Band cover or parody? Let us know in the comments below!

[h/t TheDailyDot]

Image: Lucasfilm

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