Unofficial STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II Mod Adds Baby Yoda to the Fray

Star Wars Battlefront II has been around for a few years now, but new content is still being added regularly. Not only has DICE continued to update the first-person shooter game with Clone Wars-era content, character appearance tie-ins for The Rise of Skywalker, and even new heroes and villains, the game has a dedicated and active modding community. One modder has taken an iconic hero and tweaked it even more to give us the Star Wars content we’ve been dying for: Baby. Yoda. Unleashed.

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian.


Battlefront Modder Nonabuds has replaced the appearance of recently added hero BB-8 with Baby Yoda in his floating pod. The Child does his magic hand-waving thing by using BB-8’s abilities, which include close-range electric shocks, a spin move that takes out enemies in a close circle, and a rushing tackle. You have to see it in action to really comprehend the beauty of a high-speed Baby Yoda headbutt.

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As you can tell by the accompanying music and sound effects, it’s merely a client-side skin replacement for BB-8; other players will still see the feisty droid from the sequel trilogy on their own screens. But never underestimate a droid—playing the ball-shaped astromech is also immensely fun. There’s something very satisfying about charging at Darth Maul and flinging a ball-shaped droid at him to knock him head over heels.

And, just as exciting, playable Ewoks were recently added to more multiplayer modes, giving you an official option that’s almost as cute as The Child for taking out waves of unsuspecting stormtroopers. (We said almost.) Don’t scoff at having these guys on your side. As anyone who’s seen Return of the Jedi knows, Ewoks are absolutely merciless.

If it’s been a while since you’ve played the first-person shooter, you might be pleasantly surprised by the amount of free content added to the game. As you’ll hear in the community update above, Star Wars Battlefront II is now changing focus to the Age of Rebellion, bringing back player-favorite maps from the original Star Wars Battlefront like the Battle of Scarif.

Star Wars Battlefront II mods are only available for PC players and not any of the console editions of the game. If you play on PC, you can add Nonabuds’ custom appearance to your game now with his files and instructions. As it is an unofficial mod, download and install at your own risk; there will be appearance glitches and possible bugs, but the files should be safe to use on your machine.

And keep an eye on Nonabuds’ creative work, because he has a breathtaking new appearance for Rey in the works—in the form of Ahsoka! Take on legions of battle droids with a modded appearance that brings to mind the former Jedi’s robed look at the end of Star Wars Rebels.

Thanks to Kotaku for the tip!

Header Image: Lucasfilm

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