STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II Will Be Adding the Clone Wars

Fresh off announcing that the spice mines of Kessel will be offering some new and exciting extraction missions in the era of Solo: A Star Wars Story, EA has now revealed that Geonosis will be the next new planet for Star Wars Battlefront II, as the game enters the Clone Wars in a big way. Obi-Wan Kenobi will finally enter the game, along with his “unruly Padawan” Anakin. Opposing them will be General Grievous and Count Dooku.

In addition, a new squad mode will make it easier to play with your friends, and a new dogfight style of play will allow you to battle your hero ships in an entirely different way. There’s no new footage yet, as EA still want you hyped up about this Solo trailer, which they had on loop…

In addition to Geonosis, the lava planet Mustafar will be a new location, which seems fitting, since that final Jedi battle in Revenge of the Sith felt inspired by platforming games to begin with. The circle, as Darth Vader himself would say, is now complete. So now, will you be the master?

Here’s hoping for Ahsoka and Asajj to join in the fun later. Ladies need lightsabers too.

Are you excited to fight it out in the Clone Wars, like Obi-Wan and Anakin before you? Let us know in comments if this is the spark that will send fire across your galaxy.

Image: Lucasfilm

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