Fan Created Miniature STAR TREK: TNG Bridge Set

The Star Trek franchise has some of the most recognizable sets in pop culture history. The bridge of the starship Enterprise is iconic, even to folks who have never seen a full episode of Star Trek or watched a single film. And fans all over the world have found ways to recreate those sets in a variety of ways. And now, there’s a pint-sized version of the bridge of the Enterprise that looks just like the real thing to the untrained eye.

According to a story coming from BBC News, a U.K. Star Trek fan by the name of Geoff Collard has gone and created a miniature model recreation of the Enterprise-D bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The entire thing was a pet project for Collard to work on during the shelter-at-home quarantine, and took him several months to finish.

Unless one look very carefully, it’s actually quite hard to tell the difference between this painstakingly re-created model and the actual sets used back in the ’80s and ’90s for the beloved TV series. You almost expect Sir Patrick Stewart to walk in from his Ready Room and sit in the Captain’s chair, or see Michael Dorn as Worf standing behind him at the tactical station. That’s how accurate Collard got to the real thing.

The bridge sets from the various Star Trek series have become so well known across the globe, that several fans have spent many years and a whole lot  of money to bring them to life it in great detail.  One fan even created an entire life-size replica of all of the original series sets in perfect detail, which has since been used in various web series and is even open to fans for tours.  Well, this tiny TNG era bridge set might not be as big as all that, but it is still mighty impressive. And worthy of Starfleet’s highest honors.

Featured Image: CBS

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