This Grinch-Inspired STAR TREK Parody Turns Spock Into ‘The Mean One’

We’ve barely ever seen any winter holiday celebrations in the 23rd-century future of Star Trek. If they do celebrate, we hope they would keep the memory of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Who Stole Christmas alive. They certainly do in this video from YouTube user John C. Worsley, via Geeks Are Sexy. In this clip, footage from Star Trek: The Animated Series as well as audio clips from various classic episodes combine to reframe our favorite Vulcan Mr. Spock as the holiday season’s infamous “Mean One.” At least, that’s how Dr. McCoy sees him. You can watch the full Grinch parody “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Spock” pieced together with Star Trek clips right here:

We’ve actually never seen a true Christmas celebration in the Star Trek future… or any Earth holiday really. Ok, Captain Kirk mentioned a Christmas party once in the original series. But he referred to it in past tense. Captain Picard encountered a Victorian holiday fantasy while inside the Nexus realm in Star Trek: Generations (don’t ask). However, there are no Christmas trees in the Ten-Forward lounge of the Enterprise, or any holiday lights decorating the mess hall on Voyager. Gene Roddenberry believed in a totally secular future. Still, I think he underestimated how celebrated the season was to even non-religious folks.

Captain Kirk and Spock from the 1973 Star Trek: The Animated Series.
Paramount Television

In addition to this Grinch parody about Spock being “mean,” John C. Worsley has a few other Star Trek holiday songs on his YouTube channel. We like the Star Trek: The Next Generation take on Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Except it’s “All I Want for Christmas is Q.” Yes, as in the annoying cosmic entity played by the great John de Lancie. And “Simply Having a Wonderful Deep Space Nine” parodies the Paul McCartney Christmas classic, only now with more Captain Benjamin Sisko. Hey, we know the cast of Strange New Worlds can sing, they did a musical this year. How about they get a turn next?

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