STAR TREK: TNG Captain’s Holiday Beer Beams Down to Earth

2017 will soon come to a close, but it’s still not too late for every Trekker out there to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, arguably the greatest TV series reboot of all time. And now, the folks at Shmaltz Brewing Company are releasing a new Collector’s Edition beer commemorating three decades of the voyages of Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D.

Called Star Trek Captain’s Holiday Ale, the beer is named for the fan favorite third season episode where a stressed out Jean-Luc goes to the pleasure planet of Risa, and gets himself into all sorts of trouble while on vacation. The commemorative beer comes brewed with orange peel and lime, and arrives in 4-packs to retail outlets in 35 states across the country. It will also be on draft at select bars.

For the more casual Trek fans out there reading this, wondering what the Tiki looking statue is on the case, that is what is known as a Horga’hn. One of these totems is given to Captain Picard by Commander Riker to display while on his vaycay on the tropical planet, but little does our good Captain know that the displaying the Horga’hn statue in public means you are signaling to receive Jamaharon, which is Risian for “looking to hook up.”

Last year, Shmaltz debuted two  Star Trek 50th Anniversary Ales, and this year released three Star Trek specialty beers. The first was Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter, followed by Star Trek Symbiosis, which launched at Comic-Con International in July 2017. Now, Star Trek Captain’s Holiday rounds out the year in true pleasure planet style.

Are you excited to to get all “Trek Tropical” with this new beer? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: CBS / Paramount / Shmaltz Brewing Company

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