STAR TREK Animated Series Gets Release Date and Teaser Art

Remember how Star Trek is getting a half-hour animated comedy series? Star Trek: Lower Decks, which CBS announced in 2018, finally has a premiere date and teaser art. The show focuses on the U.S.S. Cerritos’ support crew, serving in the year 2380. Starfleet doesn’t rank this ship high in importance, so to speak. In fact, the Cerritos is flat out called one of Starfleet’s least important ships. Mike McMahan, known for his work on Rick and Morty, created the series and will serve as showrunner and executive producer. Given his history with Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites, we expect Lower Decks to deliver hilarity and weirdness.

Via, Star Trek: Lower Decks will premiere on Thursday, August 6th on CBS All Access. After the premiere, episodes will be available to stream weekly on Thursdays. The first season has ten episodes. The story follows Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford, and Tendi as they “keep up with their duties and their social lives, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies.”

Ensigns take a stand in Star Trek: Lower Decks


This is making me hopeful that the show will have a little of Avenue 5‘s bonkers flavor. also shared Star Trek: Lower Decks‘ first teaser art. The U.S.S. Cerritos very much has the look of the Starfleet ships we’re used to. And also note the creases on the key art. Inverse confirmed with CBS that these fold lines are a nod to all the fold-out posters that came with Star Trek magazines and toys in the ’90s. It’s a nice little touch.

Star Trek: Lower Decks teaser art


Tawny Newsome voices Ensign Beckett Mariner, Jack Quaid plays Ensign Brad Boimler, Noël Wells plays Ensign Tendi, and Eugene Cordero portrays Ensign Rutherford. We’re curious to see their hijinks when Star Trek: Lower Decks premieres on August 6th.

Now if we can just get Star Wars Detours

Featured Image: CBS All Access

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