Spirit Halloween’s 2024 Animatronics Are Delightfully Disturbing

We are officially halfway to Halloween, which means it’s time to start planning your spooky season decorations in earnest. So with that in mind, the folks at Spirit Halloween have revealed two of this year’s terrifying new animatronic offerings, set to freak out every kid in your neighborhood coming around looking for candy. (You’ll probably freak yourself out a little too). The first is their latest nightmare-inducing clown, named Clowning Around, and Rick Ratman, who is sure to disturb anyone with a serious case of musophobia. (That’s fear of rodents, don’t ya know). You can check out images of the new animatronics below, along with official descriptions for each one:

Rick Ratman (Animatronic)

“Better hope your guests don’t have a rat phobia once you put Rick Ratman on display! Standing at 6.3 feet tall, this rat-infested zombie animatronic will give your guests the total creeps once he comes to life with his side-to-side moving torso. Be warned, stand too close and you could become a part of the little critters’ next snack this Halloween.”

Clowning Around (Animatronic)

“No one thought calling the AAA Big Top Babysitting Service would end like this. Next time, if the kids ever will let you leave their sight again, make sure you tell them not to send a 7 FT tall diabolical clown even if he is just trying to make some extra money with a new side hustle. Either way, we bet your kids will have a whole new attitude about the circus! This Clowning Around Animatronic takes play time to a whole new level with his side to side turning waist and head, along with his light up eyes and moving mouth. Scream in terror as you watch him flail his victims up and down in each arm!”

Clowning Around and Rick Ratman, the new Spirti Halloween animatronics for 2024.
Spirit Halloween

More details can be found on the official Spirit Halloween site for each animatronic. The Rick Ratman animatronic is priced at $199.00. You can pre-order him by clicking here. Clowning Around is a little more, costing $319.99. You can pre-order this one by heading to this link.

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