SPIDER-VERSE Has Inspired the Internet to Design Their Own Spidersonas

More than any other American comic book character is Spider-Man a paragon of the idea that anyone can be a hero. And more than any other Spider-Man movie yet to hit theaters is  Into the Spider-Verse an expression of that message. The film shows us Spideys of all shape and size, from the young and spirited Miles Morales to two divergent takes on Peter Parker to the take-no-prisoners Gwen Stacy, and so forth. And now, as if Peni Parker, Spidey Noir, and Spider-Ham hadn’t offered a wide enough variety of webslinger, we’ve got a revolution of Spideys from the ‘net, each representing the artists who created them. Spidersonas are taking over the web 🕷️ In keeping with the spirit of Into the Spider-Verse, dozens of viewers have created their own Spidersonas, showing off their fandom, personalities, and artistic talents all in one. Since the story of Spider-Man is all about finding oneself anew—or perhaps for the first time—in the wake of a newly discovered set of powers and super identity, it’s proved the perfect avenue for illustrators to channel their own personalities, working their own traits into their custom designs of the classic Spidey costume.The great variety of personal touches embedded into these designs is indication of just how powerful the “Anyone can be Spider-Man” message is. We implore you to channel your inner Spidey and hit the web with a costume of your own making—the world needs all of us to get to slingin’.

Images: Sony

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