SPIDER-MAN Faces His Greatest Enemies in New E3 2018 Trailer

For the last two years, Sony has used E3 as a showcase for its upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive  Spider-Man title from Insomniac Games.

Last year’s gameplay trailer was  one of the highlights of the show. This year, Sony and Insomniac dropped an intense seven minute preview that put Spidey in the middle of a breakout at the maximum security prison known as The Raft. Along the way, Spider-Man will have to confront at least five of his greatest foes. That’s just one bad guy away from a Sinister Six!

The biggest takeaway here is the fluid movements that allow Spider-Man to replicate many of his most impressive moves from the comics. Spidey can perform acrobatic fight moves and even slide under his enemy’s legs before running full speed up the side of a wall. As seen in this video, Spider-Man is working with Yuriko Watanabe, an NYPD captain who became the Wraith in the Marvel Universe. It remains to be seen whether Yuriko’s current incarnation will also don a costume, but Spidey needs as much help as he can get!

So far, the classic Spider-Man villains include Electro, the Rhino, Scorpion, and our old favorite, the Vulture.

Mister Negative also makes an appearance late in the clip, but he implies that the villains are all working for someone who wants Spidey alive. There’s even a cliffhanger ending as Spider-Man catches a glimpse of the mastermind.

Spider-Man will be released on September 7.

What did you think about the new trailer? And who is the mystery villain? Share your theories below!

Images: Sony

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