Anatomically Correct Spider-Man is the Stuff of Hilarious Nightmares

Suspension of disbelief in comic books and movies is more important than we’d ever realized and we should thank our lucky stars that characters don’t get a more accurate representation of their powers.A recent post on Laughing Squid shed light on this super power blind spot with a new video by Corridor Digital. In it, we’re faced with the harsh truth of what a real Spider-Man would have to deal with during his super-heroics and it seems to be a huge pain in the ass. Spiders produce webs through a complex biological process via silk-spinning organs called spinnerets. If Spider-Man mutated from a radioactive spider bite and developed those biological abilities, his wrists would not be the place for them. What makes more sense (if that’s even phrase we can use) is that the closest anatomical orifice that humans have where a spinneret would likely develop is right up the ol’…. secret hideout? Hobgoblin? Mysterio? His butt. It’d be in his butt.Corridor Digital’s video is very well done for something so purposely crass and we can’t help but love every cringe-worthy second of it. Additionally they throw in a pretty cool money bag swing that, if you ask us, is a moment that’s all too often a miss in the actual films. Imagining Spidey’s adventures in the comic or movie worlds in this way results in him feeling considerably less cool and we wonder if he’d even be lauded as such a hero if his crime fighting always involved turning a brown eye toward his enemies.Is it weird that we want to see more adventures of Anatomically Correct Spider-Man? We’re on board as long as they don’t go into all the detail that ADHD did with their Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man.What do you think of the video? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

Image: Corridor Digital

Let’s look at the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer!

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