This Spider Escaped a Digital Maze With a Little Help From a Friend

If you’ve ever wished that you had a little animal friend that you could call on in a time of need, then maybe you need to get into mazes. As this super-cute YouTube video showcases, you might be able to make a spider very happy if you have a computer.

If you’ve ever seen a spider’s web then you’re likely aware that spiders are pretty smart with different species able to do things like tuning their webs to detect their prey, mimic ants, pretend to be bird poop to camouflage, somersault, and even weaving web balloons so they can breathe underwater for up to a whole day.

As this teaming of man and arachnid shows, two heads are better than one. The video, which was uploaded by an unknown YouTube user, showcases a spider following a cursor when the user got a great idea and popped a maze up on the screen before leading the little critter through it. As we’ve yet to discover the original poster, we’ll never know whether this was some kind of scientific test or just a man and his eight legged friend having a little bit of fun in their downtime.

Whatever they were up to we loved watching this little spider that could, and can’t wait to hopefully see more spiders take up this super cool hobby, which absolutely, definitely, could in no way be utilized for the arachnids to come together and take over the world via their incredible sense of direction. Oh! Another cool spider fact that we forgot was that is that according to a 2017 study spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in just one year if they were so inclined, so perhaps this smart human was just aligning himself with the winning side? Sweet dreams.

Images: Saint Euphoria Pictures

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