All-Star Spanish Soprano Nails STAR TREK Theme Song

A video of Spanish soprano Laura Ruhí Vidal singing the original Star Trek theme song has just been posted to YouTube, and it is glorious. Vidal’s rendition of the wondrous yet haunting vocals from the original song is not only fully locked on target, but hilarious to boot. Plus, it may even put you in the mood to watch a little bit of the original series.

The song begins at around 1:20 in the video. 

The video was posted by Rainer Hersch, who’s featured as the conductor in the video. Hersch is a British comedian and musician who’s known for his stand-up comedy as well as his comedic concert series. Hersch’s comedic concerts—like this one—feature him as a conductor of his own nine piece orchestra, which offers “zany” musical comedy. As well as “wit guaranteed to have the audiences rolling in the aisles.”

As far as the actual performance, as mentioned, Vidal knocks it out of the park—and into the final frontier! No surprise, however, considering the soprano’s resumé. According to her biography, Vidal has more opera experience than you can shake a bat’leth at, and has performed at numerous music halls around the UK. It’s unclear if she’s a full-blown Trekkie or not, however, but she did seem psyched to share her performance with all Star Trek followers on Twitter.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a live rendition of the original soprano, Loulie Jean Norman, singing the original Star Trek theme song for comparison. But there’s the below picture of her just to get a sense of who she was, and to connect the past with the present.

What do you think about Laura Ruhí Vidal’s rendition of the original Star Trek theme song? Would you like to see Vidal lend her voice to other music from the Trek universe next, or just go for broke with a Maïwenn-like performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature image: Rainer Hersch Fan Channel

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