Will Sony Create a Spider-Verse Without Spider-Man?

Sony will follow up Venom with another film about a  Spider-Man character, but can they really pull off a Spider-verse without Peter Parker? We discussed that on today’s special episode of Nerdist News What the Friday, along with DC‘s new subscription service, Demolition Man and Taco Bell’s 25th anniversary Comic-Con party, and the long-promised Halo TV series.

Host Jessica Chobot wrapped up the week in pop culture today with Nerdist News writer Joan Ford, Animation Investigation‘s Hector Navarro, and producer Jason Nguyen. They started with the new, all-encompassing subscription service announced by DC. With it offering so much, what’s the best reason to get it? How does it compare to other similar services? And is this the future of entertainment?

They also took a bite out of Taco Bell’s plans to celebrate 25 years of Demolition Man at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. What other cinematic eateries would make for a tasty exhibit? Is that more or less exciting than the long-awaited Halo TV series getting ordered by Showtime? Will it succeed were so many other video game adaptations have failed?

Finally, with the Venom trailer being watched by an insane amount of people, Sony has signed Jared Leto to play Morbius, the Living Vampire in his own film. Could Tom Hardy’s anti-hero become the center of the studio’s own cinematic universe? Can they really pull of a Spider-Verse without, you know, Spider-Man? And if they are going forward with a Peter Parker-free franchise, who else should join it?

Next week Nerdist News Talks Back returns to its normal Monday to Thursday schedule on our YouTube and Alpha channels every day at 11AM PT, and if you enjoyed today’s special Nerdist News What the Friday tune in every Friday at 1PM PT when it airs exclusively on Alpha. We don’t always discuss Peter Parker, but that makes sense, not like a Spider-verse without Spider-Man.

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Images: Sony, Marvel, Warner Bros.

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