Fight the Forces of Evil in SOLOMON KANE

As the 16th century draws to a close, a lone hero stands against the forces of evil. His name? Solomon Kane. Battle the darkness alongside this somber fighter in a brand-new cooperative tabletop experience from Mythic Games! You and your friends can enter this dark, strange world crafted by Conan the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard, and only together will you emerge victorious.

Solomon Kane game pieces

Mythic Games

Solomon Kane is an atmospheric game of storytelling, resource management, and tactical miniatures for one to four players ages 14+. Players choose one of four Virtues—Courage, Prudence, Temperance, or Justice—and use their special abilities to aid Kane in his struggle against the forces of darkness. Tales unfold in acts played in one game session each. Players’ actions determine how the chapters of each act end. The acts inside the box culminate in one grand tale of Solomon Kane’s journey, determined by you and your friends.

Becca Scott is here (on a wonderfully creepy set) to tell you all about Solomon Kane and how to set up and play this innovative adventure.

Use custom card decks and dice to control Kane and the Virtues, moving around the game board, fight, explore, and interrogate suspects. In cooperative play, an AI deck controls the villains of the narrative adventure. Will good prevail? You’ll have to play to find out!

Solomon Kane tabletop game box and pieces

Mythic Games

You can even play solo or invite a fifth player to join in as the Darkness. The story is yours.

Solomon Kane comes with eight complete adventures with different possible endings, gorgeous 35mm miniatures, colorful cards and game boards, and so much more. You can only find it on Kickstarter. Join the campaign now as a late pledge or head to the Mythic Games eStore and you won’t miss a moment of Solomon Kane’s crusade against the forces of evil.

This post is sponsored by Mythic Games.

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