Dress Like Han and Lando with Hot Topic’s SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Collection (Exclusive)

Ready to step onto the Kessel Runway?  Solo: A Star Wars Story will be in theaters on May 25, which means you have a month to plan what you’ll wear to your first screening. Hot Topic is lowering the boarding ramp to style in plenty of time with a Her Universe-designed Solo fashion collection that lets you bring a cargo hold’s worth of Han and Lando style to your wardrobe. And yes, there is a cape. It’s below, along with an exclusive look at the rest of the line-up.

What I especially dig about these designs are the retro look. Solo is an origin story for Han, so it’s a throwback, and the prints and colors in Hot Topic’s merch lean into that vibe wholeheartedly. When I look at the below Millennium Falcon dress, the only word that comes to mind is groovy. It’s a pattern from the ’60s and ’70s, and the color palette matches the hues we’ve seen in posters and trailers so far.

While the Solo styles are already available in Hot Topic retail locations now, the full collection including a tracksuit, bell bottoms, dresses, and skirts, will be on the Hot Topic website on April 26. Prices start at $24.90, so you won’t have to drop a pile of credits to look like you’re ready to pilot the Millennium Falcon. Scroll down to the gallery to see the complete line-up and start making your shopping list.

How many outfits would you pair with a cape? Tell us your cape-wearing tips in the comments.

Images: Hot Topic

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars a little. Follow her on Twitter.

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